What are the Pros and Cons of Target REDCredit Card Used for Exclusive Savings

Running down to certain stores for different items and using varied types of discount coupons at each store is too much of a hassle. And we’re sure most of you moms agree to this. But we also know that saving money is the foremost priority of all of you. So, you tend to collect coupons, offers and promo codes to build up your savings while shopping.

However, there is a better way out to ease out your shopping experience and maximize your savings. Wondering what is it? Well moms, it’s via Target Corporation and its REDCard credit card services. Not just saving money but also several other benefits that Target and its card services offers.

So, if you’re thinking what are the pros and cons of Target REDCard credit card, then we’re here to help you in this. But let us first explore more about the Target Corporation and its REDCard credit card services before we move on to the pros and cons.

Exploring Target and its REDCard Credit Card

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Are you tired of visiting different stores and still couldn’t save much? Then moms, the right place for you to shop and save is at Target. An American retail corporation, Target stands out as one of the largest retailer in the U.S with the ultimate mission of helping families to discover the simple joys of everyday life. Whatever you need – grocery, clothing, electronics, kitchen supplies, furniture, and so on, Target has it all. That’s not all! It’s not just limited to these items, as Target also ensures that its customers are able to save more on each of their purchases. Be it daily deals, clearance sales, RedCard or Target Circle offer – you’ll get ample scope for savings on your purchases.

However, if you still want more benefits and perks, then it’s best to get yourself a RedCard. Target’s REDCard is no less than a boon for all its customers. It won’t offer any traditional rewards instead this card gets upfront savings. Typically offered to Target customers, this credit card is best for those who shop regularly at Target.

Besides, this $0 annual fee credit card gives a 5% discount on all purchases at Target. This means that you don’t need to wait to redeem rewards because you’ll get what you saved right at the checkout counter. Isn’t it amazing, mommies?

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With this credit card, not only will you save more but also get access to several benefits like free shipping, exclusive gift items, extended return time, and so on. Also, this closed loop card carries high ongoing interest rates and is suitable for those who pay off their bills every month only to get some extra savings. This is definitely not for someone who isn’t regular with their credit dues. So moms, if you haven’t got your Target REDCard yet then you must get a clear picture of its pros and cons before you make a move for it.

What are the Pros and Cons of Target REDCard Credit Card?

Target REDCard similar to other retail cards have several perks to offer, as it is an excellent tool for building credit. However, if the credit is paid off on monthly basis, then the savings are actually accounted and considered credible. We know moms, how accurate you are with credit card bills and other dues. So, this Target’s Credit Card is the best saving tool you can have for your all-round needs.

Besides savings, other PROS of Target include:

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  • Offers Shopping Discounts: Shopping Discounts are the inevitable wants of every mom like you. And Target totally understands this, so on using its credit card you get 5% off on your in-store as well as online purchases. This 5% discount is common to all REDCard users, which you automatically get at the checkout counter. So moms, with this discount a minimum saving is a sure thing. Then why wait for other coupons or promo codes?
  • Get Free Shipping: Do you often avoid shopping online because of all those shipping charges? No avoiding any further, now with Target’s REDCard you’ll get free shipping. And that’s not all! Even without any minimum purchase limit or any other criteria, you’re eligible for free shipping. No more rushing down to the store and standing for long hours at the checkout counter; just grab your phone, order the needful and relax!
  • No Annual Fee: Are you concerned about how heavy is this REDCard going to be on your pocket? Well, not at all! Moms, the Target REDCard is absolutely free, that means, no annual charge. You can enjoy the benefits and discounts without any interest but only valid if you pay off the dues at the end of each billing cycle. A sure thing to ensure your savings!
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  • Get an Additional Discount: Satisfied with just the 5% off that Target’s credit card offers? Do you wish get more? Obviously, most of you want to save more and so look for more discounts, isn’t it moms? If yes, then you must know that Target REDCard has more to offer- it’s the additional discount offer. You’ll get an additional percentage off if you fill 2 prescriptions, which means that you make a purchase on the prescribed date and you get a total of 10% off. So moms, you don’t have to do anything extra to get this benefit, just fill prescription, buy the stuffs on that day and retain your money!

That’s not all, mommies! This credit card has more perks that means you end up saving more. To be precise, with Target credit card you can get up to 50% off on your purchases via the Target app. Earlier it was through the Cartwheel app, where at the checkout you’ll get a barcode. On scanning this barcode, you’ll get up to 50% discount along with the usual 5% off. Well, at present you can still get this extra discount through the Target app instead of the Cartwheel app.

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Another perk of using this card is an extended return period on the purchases. Whether you buy at the store or online, you’ll get a total of 120 days to make a return if you make purchases using the REDCard. We know moms how frustrating it is to miss out on return deadlines. Not anymore moms, with Target’s REDCard you get more flexibility not only on purchases but also on returns. Why wait then? Grab your Target REDCard now and enjoy shopping with exclusive perks and savings.

But moms do look into these CONS of the card before you move on get your own REDCard:

  • Comes with high APR: Since it is a retail card, the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is quite higher and considering this, the reward of 5% off isn’t enough. Also, the APR for Target REDCard is approximately 23.40% and the balance amount keeps increasing if you miss out any due. Moreover, even if you’re regular with your bills, the 5% off is a meagre saving in total.
  • Extra Penalties and Fees: Even though there isn’t an annual fee for Target REDCard but a penalty is charged for delayed payment of dues. While the late fee is $35 per payment, there is also a $27 fee charged if the bank returns your payment. And adding up all these amounts, the cost is way too much. So moms, you need to be careful with the billing cycle, as one miss can cost way more than what you saved.
  • Exclusions of items: Not everything you buy with the Target REDCard will get you the 5% off. Yes moms, the card come with exclusions of items as well and probably it is one major limitation too. The credit card discount doesn’t apply on certain items and services like eye exams, credit account payments, gift wraps, wireless protection, some restaurants and many more. So before you plan to get the card, don’t forget to check the list of exclusions on the website.
  • Drops in Credit Score (Maxing out of Card): At times while shopping with a credit card, we all tend to overspend. And if you’re using the Target card then overspending often leads to over utilization of the credit card. Maxing out of the card and a drop in the credit score often brings down the savings. Only if you’re cautious with spending, the REDCard can boost your savings.
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With this article, we hope you have some clarity on the pros and cons of Target REDCard credit card. However, we suggest you to track your spending habits too, before you decide to take the REDCard credit card, so that you end up saving more than just a penny or two.