Top 6 Ways to Renovate Your Home by Shopping at Home Depot

Owing to the unprecedented changes that home quarantine has brought in our lives in 2020, most families have been spending a lot of time at home. If the thought of renovating your home has crossed your mind but you do not wish to break the bank for remodelling, then Home Depot will come to your rescue.

Home Depot has a wide variety of home decor, which means that you can absolutely refurbish the inside of your home as well as your gardens and carry out all those DIY projects. From furniture to kitchen necessities to bathroom must-haves, the Home Depot website has everything you need to repair and restructure your house.

The trick to renovating your home on a budget while keeping it beautiful is to schedule the whole project efficiently. The following points will illustrate how you can split your entire renovation plans into sub-plans according to the room you have and efficiently renovate your house.

If you’re trying to find out the top 6 ways to renovate your home beautifully and economically, read below:

Use Space Efficiently in Your Kitchen

If you can rearrange and configure your kitchen for full use, you do not need to blow out the walls to get square footage. Start by replacing space – hogging shelves with cabinets – pull-out drawers, containing racks for canned goods and other products.

Here are some fun yet economic things that you can do to your kitchen:

Play around with bold colors


You can have colorful kitchen cabinets in purple, pink and blue with a gray border on the wall. Few things change the look of a space like a fresh coat of paint. A splash of color will help you set a new tone for your kitchen theme. Try soft, creamy pastels for a retro look, warm reds and yellows for a Tuscan feel, neutrals for a traditional classic style, or vivid greens and blues for a modern look.

Upgrade Your Window Treatments


Some of the most drastic improvements are the upgrading of window treatments in your home. You may use natural materials such as bamboo, a traditional Roman shade, or curtains with bold graphic prints. A Faux Wood Blind from Home Depot is a classic that will go with most wall colors and textures.

Opt for Greenery


Give a small kitchen a vibrant pop of charm with a lush colored trim and a wall garden of potted plants. Fill terracotta pots with basil, thyme, rosemary and other herbs. Introducing greenery in your kitchen will uplift its aura.

Replace the sink and faucet


The kitchen sink and kitchen faucet are the focal points of many kitchens. Be sure that all the publicity is worth it. You can turn your thumb out fairly inexpensively, adding a new look while reducing the cost of water and electricity. For sinks, look for features such as dual, triple or extra deep basins and integral chopping boards, particularly if you’re an avid cook or aspire to become one. Include distinctive design options, such as a farmhouse or a cast iron style. Choose this Verse Drop-in single bowl kitchen sink if you’re tight on budget.

Invest in a Rug


Adjust the look of your floors with a new rug. Outdoor carpets are a perfect choice. They are very robust, made for heavy foot traffic, and can typically be cleaned with a hose spray. Be sure to use a non-slip rug pad under your rug to protect your existing flooring. You can check out this Non-slip Comfort Grip Rug Pad on Home Depot for a budget-friendly option.

Alter and Modify the Lighting


You can put up a fresh industrial-style pendant lighting in the kitchen. Wake up a tired kitchen with a new sun. Try upgrading existing fixtures, installing track lighting, or adding a set of pendant lights. Effortless small kitchen upgrades, such as the addition of under-the-cabinet string lights or puck lights, can bring new life to space. A Bronze Caged Chandelier can light up the aura of any home.

Don’t Replace But Refinish Your Cabinets


Don’t replace the kitchen cabinets. Dramatic kitchen improvement ideas include renovating or improving the current wood or laminating  the cabinets. Try a fake finish for a rich, antique look. Add a bit of thorough painting to create highlights and shadows that offer it a sense of depth. Take the center face out of the door of the cabinet and add a glass front. Save time to refinish your cabinets by removing doors and drawers and cleaning them separately.

Fresh Flooring Can Make a Difference


Get a new floor in less than a weekend with a click-in floating laminate flooring. Increase the impact of this kitchen upgrade idea by using unexpected texture combinations. Pair different flooring options like a natural wood look with a modern black and white checkerboard.

Update Cabinet Hardware


Small details make a big impact. For simple kitchen upgrades, simply change your current cabinet hardware for a chrome or brushed bronze finish. Save money on cabinet hardware by purchasing hinges, knobs and pulls in contractor boxes.

Go Chic With a Coffee Bar


This Francesca Gold bar cart can be turned into a coffee bar in the kitchen. Take a look at the unused corner of your kitchen with a rolling bar cart packed with your favorite coffee and tea must-haves.

Transform Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. It is the area where you spend most of your time with family and friends. Living rooms are where parties are hosted and potlucks are enjoyed. To transform your living room, you don’t have to break the bank. There are smart, budget-friendly ways to upgrade the aura of your living room.

Do Your Research


Look through magazines or online images to get your living room inspired by famous living room decor ideas. Magazines like Vogue, Elle and Coveted give unique ideas for modern homes. Understanding your style will help you decide on your living room furniture, living room paint colours, window covers, rugs and accessories. Sometimes, take into account what bits you already have and whether you’re going to use them again or not.

Measure Your Living Room


Take measurements in the room before you start decorating your living room. This will ensure that you find the right size furniture, area rugs and artwork. The furniture and accessories need to be equal to the surroundings in order to suit the living room. This is particularly important for a small family living room. Transitional Living Room with Nonslip Backing, Blue Medallion Pattern, Extra Small Area Rug is a chic rug that will look great in small living rooms.

Choose Colors Wisely


Painting is inexpensive and temporary. It’s the one thing in your design arsenal that can make a major impact in your room without breaking the bank. If you’re unsure where to start, consider these elements to help you determine the color palette for your space:


  • Consider the room’s focal point. You may want to paint the accent wall to highlight the focal point or add color pops to the room.


  • Consider the hue of the furniture. As with the focal point, your furniture will help you decide which color to paint the walls. Was the furniture made of dark wood or is the upholstery neutral or is it painted with warm or cool colours? The response to these questions will help you decide the right color for your walls.


  • Consider the color of the floor. Also the tone and color of the floor plays a part in the colors of the living room. As with furniture, please remember whether the floor is neutral, warm or cold.
  • Consider the light in the room. The key light source in your room can have an effect on the color of your walls. Paint tiny sample areas or bring the paint chips back to your living room. Look at the paint in the natural light and the artificial light in your room. Take a peek at how the hue looks in both. Choose a color that looks good to you in both natural and artificial light.


  • The best way to grasp how color functions is to use a color wheel. It’s going to help you see the connection between the various shades. Understanding the color wheel will help to create a naturally balanced room. Use the ProjectColor Home Depot app for color inspiration.

Use and Arrangement of Furniture


Here are some things to consider when you set up your furniture. Choose a focal point. It’s an easy way to determine the flow of your living room. A fireplace, a large mirror, a large piece of art or an accent wall are common focal points to use in a living room.

Create an area of conversation. Leave some space open to allow easy movement. Don’t move all your furniture down the hall. Take a seat to a living room to create a homier atmosphere. All the rooms are about harmony. Glue the furniture together, so don’t leave chairs in a corner by themselves.

When installing furniture, take into account doors and windows, whether the door is swinging in or out.

Do Not Let Your Doors Go Unnoticed


Your door is the first experience of your room. If you are unable to fully alter the lock, even if your current lock is in good shape, you can get your door painted.

Your doors could also have an impact on the lighting of your room, and you could benefit from this great interior technique. When it comes to a dark room, whatever the color is used on the walls, use the same color for the ceiling, the trim and the doors but opt for a 50 percent lighter tone. Too much of a shade can overwhelm space. So, when you renovate on a budget, if you’re painting your door, try to use different shades depending on the concentration of light in your home to optimize the lighting of your home the way you want to.

Home Depot offers a beautiful range of door paints like Express Yourself Satin Calm Blue Water-Based Front Door Paint.

Flaunt Your Fancy China


Rather than locking up costly silverware and fine china to use just once in a blue moon, expose it to everyone. You can frame or decorate it in a glass cabinet and make an imaginative comment. Similarly, edibles such as cookies, spices, fruit and vegetables may also be used as decorative items.

A Floor Standing Walnut 3-Sided Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet is perfect to display your fancy wedding china.

Make a Backsplash with Mosaic


It is a fun weekend project that can give your kitchen a dramatic facelift. All you’d need is a couple of broken tiles, some silicone adhesive and some grout to design your backsplash. Or you can buy this Mix River Rock Textured Marble Mesh-Mounted Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile at Home Depot for dirt cheap price. Use soft and earthy tones for a classic look, but you can also opt to play with wacky colors.

Renovate Your Bathroom

It is important to pay equal attention to your bathroom while renovating your home. Here’s what you can do:

Use Medicine Cabinets


You can add style and storage to your bathroom with a simple, budget-smart change: a new medicine cabinet. Replace a plain wall-mounted mirror for storage and a new look. If you feel crafty, install a cork or chalkboard inside the door for frequent reminders and affirmations. Choose this H Framed Recessed or Surface-Mount Bathroom Medicine Cabinet to give your bathroom a minimal, classy look.

Use Wallpapers


You can add pattern and color to wallpaper in a snap, and it’s all right to limit it to one stand-out wall (and keep the budget low). But if you’re not yet ready to get to grips with proper wallpapering, try the quick, peel-and-stick kind. You can quickly take it off if you change the style of decor, so you don’t have to think about giving a shot to the latest trend.

Smart Storage


Even the thinnest open shelves offer more than just storage. Use them to create a display of baskets or other decorative accents. Many off-the-shelf storage options come in a variety of types, including tiled carts, leaning ladders and apothecary cabinets, and are designed to maximize vertical space. They’re a nice and functional storage choice that you can feel good about purchasing. Home Depot is currently offering huge discounts on bathroom accessories. You can check Sonoma Bath Vanity to decorate your bathroom with a beautiful piece for less price.

Renovating your home does not always have to include major structural changes that cost a bomb. We hope our article helped you gain insight into some smart ways of remodelling your home with Home Depot