Tips to Save More at Shoe Carnival and Get the Best Deals

Are you tired of stopping at different shoe stores? Everyone in your family wants something different and obviously one store doesn’t have it all, isn’t it? We understand how difficult it is manage all the demands and wishes of the family. Your partner might prefer a Nike or Adidas, while your kid wants Nine West Sneakers and your favorite might be a Skechers.

Well, Shoe Carnival is the one stop destination for all your footwear related requirements. Major brands, wide range of sizes for kids, men and women, colors; you will find almost everything you like.

However, since Shoe Carnival has it all, shopping here can be expensive. So moms, we’ve few tips to help you save at Shoe Carnival. Plus with some good offers and deals, you might finally buy that shoes you’ve been eyeing for long.


Here are 7 easy and simple tips on how to save at Shoe Carnival:


Join Email List


Dropping by the store isn’t possible every time as you are caught up with numerous chores – taking care of the kids, husband; taking care of the food and what not. Due to this busy schedule you generally miss out on great deals and offers along with the latest trends and new arrivals. Especially if you love shoes, it’s disappointing if you miss out on good deals, right?

If you are wondering how to tackle your busy schedule yet grab every offer and deal, well, all you need to do is sign up for the Shoe Carnival email list. Savings being the major focus of the store, these emails will notify you about latest coupons, deals and sales. Also, on subscribing for the emails, you’ll get $10 off on any purchase of $59.98. To start this, you need to text ‘JOIN’ to 727375 or just provide Shoe Carnival with your email id.

So moms, just subscribe and never miss out on any coupons or offers. And the best part, you get your favorite pair without burning a hole in your pocket.


Sign up for Shoe Perks Rewards


We know the excitement of shopping doubles up when you get exclusive deals and also earn points to redeem later. Not only exclusive offers but free shipping and hassle free returns on your purchases add up to the fun. Right, moms? If yes, then it’s the time to ace up your savings while you shop at Shoe Carnival with its Shoe Perks loyalty program.

Imagine for every dollar you spend, you earn 1 point. And once you reach the 200 points mark, you’ll get a $10 certificate, which means more footwear shopping. On joining the Shoe Perks loyalty program, you will surely get several opportunities to earn bonus points, which are redeemable. This will double up your savings as well. Also, signing up as a member, you get hassle free returns without any receipt as well. These earned points don’t expire, which means you can redeem them whenever you want.

With Shoe Carnival loyalty program, you can shop freely without any worry of shelling out too much. You’ll end up savings a lot for sure!


Register for Student Account


Like several other retailers, Shoe Carnival’s Student accounts are eligible for several benefits and discount offers. If you missed out on any offers, registering your kid under student account at Shoe Carnival will give you more benefits than any normal account. Isn’t it a better option? Because saving even one dollar matters and we’re sure most of you will agree to this.

Shoe Carnival’s Student account offers 20% off on every purchase. With this account, you can definitely save more especially when you buy something for your kids.

If you’re already a student who is looking for the perfect anniversary gift for your mom and dad, create a Shoe Carnival’s student account to avail the best quality footwear at discounted prices.

So, unlock your Shoe Carnival coupon code after you verify your status and start saving through this Student account.


Check out for Coupons


As we all know, coupons are undoubtedly the best way to boost up your savings on every purchase. Also, we’re sure most of you moms collect coupons and promo codes before you start any of your purchase. You can do the same at Shoe Carnival also as it is not different from other retailers.

Whatever the brand is, coupons and promo codes guarantees a minimum 10% off and maximum 70% off. Coupons of Shoe Carnival are readily available at different websites and also at its own site.

Well moms, for great savings, you can use a Shoe Carnival coupon code from Rakuten too to save up to 70% off, get deals like buy-one get-one and free shipping. Gear up and get the promo codes and coupons now to save on your favorite shoes.


Watch out on Flash Sale and or Buy one Get One Offers


Shopping during a sale means more savings. At Shoe Carnival, you’ll get many such sale offers, which includes trendiest styles. It’s surely a perfect opportunity to pick the best styles for you and your family as well.

Flash Sales at Shoe Carnival offers huge discounts on women’s and kid’s canvas styles starting at just $14.98. And it also includes men’s fashion casuals from some of best brands such as Levi’s and Freeman starting at just $29.98. So moms, it’s definitely an amazing opportunity to save especially on such brands.

While Flash Sales are only for online customers, the Buy One Get One Sale is for online as well as in-store shoppers. Buy One Get One sale offers $10 off and more. You buy one pair and get 1/2 the price off on the second pair, plus save an extra $10 off $59.98 with the code BONUS10. This offer is available on all shoes and other accessories.

Moreover, if you’re new to Shoe Carnival, then you must regularly check out for these sales and clearance sections. All you need to do is browse through Shoe Carnival Coupons and Promotions page for big savings such as dollars off your purchase, online-exclusive promotions, family sales events and more.

Isn’t this a great way to pick the latest style shoes and fashion casuals for your entire family?


Save through Gift Cards


Did you often miss out on all offers and sales? Do you have to gift your partner his favorite pair of Nike? Nothing to worry moms, as Shoe Carnival has a better way to save even if you don’t have discount coupons or offers – it’s their Gift Cards.

These gift cards are applicable for online as well as in-store purchases in any of the 400+ locations. Also, these cards don’t expire, so as long as you have cash in it, you can use it to shop.

If you buy a Shoe Carnival gift card, you will save money on everything you purchase. Shoes for men, women, and kids, plus accessories—everything at an affordable price! Whether you are shopping for boots, wedges, sandals or flats, we are sure you’ll find far more than you are looking for.

And that’s not all! They offer athletic shoes for every imaginable sport too! So, if you’re looking to buy these gift cards, check out Card2Cash site to get it at a discounted price.

With a deal this good, you can shop for the entire family without putting a dent in your budget!


Follow up on Daily Deals


Are you tired of wearing the same shoes to work? Do you want a pair of footwear that is stylish and chic? But are you not willing to shell out too much just for style? Then moms, you surely have an alternative to get your favorite pair without spending too much.

All you need to do is check through the Daily Deals at Shoe Carnivals. Crocs, Nike, Timberland, Adidas, Vans, Sperry, Clarks, every brand you like you’ll find in the daily deals section.

With these daily deals, you can get up to 25% OFF on Nike, $25 Off on Skechers, and various other brands. Whether it’s a workwear shoes or hiking boots, the daily deals at Shoe Carnival has a varied range of sizes and styles and all of them at a great discounted price.

So moms, check out these deals and you can save a lot on the best footwear brands in the market today. Plus, look comfortable and stylish.

We hope these tips on how to save at Shoe Carnival comes handy the next time you set out to shop for footwear at the store or online. It’s best to keep track of the offers to avoid spending a dime on your favorite footwear brands. After all, with these offers at Shoe Carnival you’ll surely get quality shoes at reasonable prices.