Stream and Enjoy Your Favorite Movies on VUDU with these Promo Codes

One of the best ways to spend time indoors with your family is to watch a movie together. Whether it is watching ‘Lion King’ with your kids or ‘Pretty Woman’ with your husband, enjoying the beauty of cinema is a wholesome experience. And now that you are at home, take some time off and watch whatever you have been wanting to for long. If you’re thinking of renting or buying movies to binge watch during the weekend, VUDU is one such platform that gives you a wide range of options.

VUDU is a rental and on-demand video service owned by Walmart, a retail giant. You can rent or stream content from a large library of common titles.  There is no fee, and you pay only for the shows and movies you watch. You can add VUDU to your library video services if you and your family are movie buffs. VUDU lets you stay up to date with new movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere without any fees or contracts. 

We’ve got some exciting promo codes for you that will help you get the movie you want at the best price possible.

How Do VUDU Credits Work?


Many of the VUDU credits can be found on existing Blu-rays and DVDs for sale in electronics store. Credits are going to vary in value, but they’re almost always $2, $5, or $10, with $5 being the most popular. Almost all of the VUDU credits have a cap of 5 per account. They’re tracked by the code prefix. For example, when they ran the Jurassic World $5 VUDU Credit Pizza Promo, every code began with VJWP. And you’d only be able to redeem five of those five bucks of credit.

Typically, they are valid for a year or longer when redeemed in your account. These credits can be used to buy anything from the VUDU that you would buy with your credit/debit card. (Except a new thing they’ve called Disk + Digital – but that’s where they’re actually providing physical media to you.)

There is no limit to the amount of credits that you will have on your account. There are users who have had over $500 in credit balances.

Most people would resell VUDU credits over the internet at (or about) 50 percent of their value, which is how a lot of people end up with such a good deal on their digital purchases.

What are VUDU promo codes for 2020 and how to earn VUDU credits?


VUDU fans know that the platform is the best place to rent and buy new movies, but what you may not know is that they do have over 6,000 top-tier movies and TV shows that you can watch anywhere, anywhere, completely free in our Movies On Us list. And you can earn movie credits for a limited time when you check out a free movie! VUDU codes have a very limited period of validity.

 So, use these codes as soon as you come across them. 

  • vuduversary10percent – This code gives you a 10% discount on movies and TV shows
  • VWGNA2BCXGFRQHJ8 – This code gives you $2 off of your order
  • MoviesAnywhereisaBIGFATCOPYCATTER – Use this code to get a free movie
  • VMPAG9ELHDYESDEH – With this code, you can get 5 movies for free
  • VSVFGFG86RX4EJLK – With this coupon, you get a gift with your purchase
  • THENEWDAY – This code gives you 20% off of your next purchase
  • BC8RW2FHXJGGQNVA- Get $50 Vudu credit free
  • FreeFamilyFun – This code allows you to choose one free movie
  • LIGHTUPVUDU – This code gives you 25% off on a movie or TV show
  • VBPRRKR6VPUB3Z2E – With this code, you can get the movie “Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn” for free
  • 1DVZSG5XCBQUNFJ8 – With this code, you get $4 off on your movie or TV show purchases
  • NICELIST – With this code, you can get the movie “Elf” for free
  • VUDURENTAL – This code gives you 50% on your movie rental
  • PARANORMAL – With this code, you get free credits worth $2
  • SelmaOnVudu – With this code, you get HD Selma for free
  • TAKEOVER – This code allows you to choose a movie for free takeover.
  • VRFF553CKCGHM5HJ – With this code, you get free credits worth $5
  • V8HNRJQWCABG2FGX- Get $10 Vudu credit free
  • RGAQ2XFHC8VGNWJB- Get $20 Vudu credit free

How to redeem VUDU promo codes?


You can follow these steps to redeem your promo codes on VUDU.

  • Access the VUDU network via the app or the website
  • Pick a movie or a movie package that you want to purchase or rent.
  • Go to the check-out tab
  • Tap on the promo code on the checkout tab
  • Add the promo code that you want to use
  • The website will verify if the code you entered is correct
  • When your code is verified, the discount will be applied and you can enjoy watching movies.

Alternatively, you can also follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit the website of VUDU
  • Tap on the redeem tab in the menu
  • Choose the choice of the VUDU file. It is going to take you to the “VUDU Code Redemption Hub”
  • You can visit the Code Redemption Center of VUDU directly by clicking here
  • Copy and paste the code you want to use from the above list and press send
  • If you find a valid code on the website, you will be able to enjoy the discount.

How to rent a movie on VUDU?


To rent a movie on VUDU,

  • Visit VUDU or download the Vudu app from your app store.
  • Sign in or sign up (it’s free)
  • Tap on the movie you want to rent out
  • Check if the film is available for rent
  • If the movie isn’t available for sale, you’ll have to wait some extra time to get it back
  • If the film is available for rent, pay the cost for renting the movie

Does VUDU have coupons?

VUDU offers other coupon and promotional codes through other websites. Mommysavebig has VUDU coupons that you can avail to get a discount.

We hope our research helped you gain insight into the movie viewing platform VUDU. So rent or buy your favorite movies and have an enjoyable experience watching them. There can be no better way to spend time with your family.