Save More with Some of the Best PlayStation 4 Deals

How long have you been postponing buying your kid the Play Station 4? Are household utilities and other expenses are taking up most of your budget?  Has this led you to give up on the PS4 your kid has been wanting for long? Yes, buying a PlayStation 4 can go heavy on your wallet but if you want to get one,  then you can look for deals on PS4 to retain a couple of dollars on its purchase. For this reason we’re here to help you out with some of the best PlayStation 4 deals currently available on the market.

But before you check out on the deals, here’s little information on PlayStation 4 and its growing popularity on the market.

The PlayStation 4: Best Overall Gaming Console

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, PlayStation 4 is the eight-generation video console. Launched as a successor to PS3, in the year 2014, PlayStation 4 has been known to deliver incredible games and endless entertainment. The PlayStation 4 even competes with the renowned gaming names like Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch, yet stands out on the market as the most popular product. It is because unlike the PS3’s cell microarchitecture, PS4 has an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit, best for extreme gaming. This makes it the best overall gaming console on the market.

From Fifa 19 to Red Dead Redemption 2, PS4 has all the biggest and popular games under it. Also, with PS4 you get amazing connectivity and personalization features, which together makes for the best gaming and entertainment experiences.

Well, if you are confused about how to set up and go about it? Then let’s tell you, it’s not at all complicated! You need to start by setting up a user account to connect it with the PlayStation Network. This connection gives you access to PS4 system’s online features and you can even customize your account also. That’s not all! PS4 has more to offer – easy access to different games and entertainment options.

So, whether you enjoy online multiplayer games on PS4 Plus, or stream your favorite TV series or movies with PS4 Video, PlayStation 4 has covered the entertainment option even for you moms. Now not only your kid, even you can enjoy streaming your favorite movie with PS4 after a long day at work.

Besides this, if you’re concerned about your growing kid getting too much exposure through PS4, then you can use the Parental Control feature to regulate the access to content and games for your child. Set time, restrict mature content, and choose the access to online features for your kid. PS4 ensures a safe and secure gaming sessions for your kid.  

However, purchasing one can be a little hefty for your pocket, unless you get some deals to save on the PS4.  So here we’ve have listed down some of the best deals of the Play Station 4, which can help you to save more on its purchase. 

Best Play Station 4 Deals

  1. PS4 1TB Console at $299.99 on Best Buy

PS4 1TB Console at $299.99 on Best Buy

Have you been checking out at different retailers for the PlayStation 4 but the console is out of stock. Well moms, Best Buy store has the PS4 1 TB Console in stock and is offering a great deal price of $299.99. This 1TB Console is a steal considering its price at other retailers and availability on the market.

Considering the price, this console offers substantial amount of storage space for several interesting games, apps, recorded game footage and many more. Not only the console, this PS4 package includes DualShock 4 wireless controller, HDMI cable, Mono headset and Power cable; all in the deal price. Why wait then moms? Get your PS4 1 TB console now!

  • PlayStation 4 Pro Console – Jet Black at $249.99 on King of Console

PlayStation 4 Pro Console – Jet Black at $249.99 on King of Console

Are you looking for a PS4 console suitable for 4K TV users? If yes, we have just the perfect deal for you from King of Console for the Play Station 4 Pro. Available at just $249.99, PS4 Pro has $100 OFF at King of Console. PS4 Pro Console is just perfect for 4k TV, as its 1TB storage allows you to store plenty of games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Gran Turismo Sport and so on.

And not only games, you can also stream 4K videos and movies. Besides, you get DualShock Wireless controller, Headset, Power Cable, USB and HDMI Cable along with the PS4 Pro Console. It means a complete package for great gaming and entertainment experience just at $249.99.

  • PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console at $284.99 on Target

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console at $284.99 on Target

Target is also known for its explicit perks and offers. And one such offer at Target is on PlayStation 4 Slim 1Tb Console. Set at a regular price of $284.99, this console can be also availed at a discount of 5% via the Red Card. This implies that you can get a minimum of $15 OFF on PS4 Slim Console using the Red Card.

So moms, if you are regular at Target stores and even hold a Red Card, then this offer will surely ensure you some saving. Also, you can gift your child this PS4, which is an amazing form of entertainment while you save some dollars via this deal at Target.

  • PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console at $299.99 on Kohl’s

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console at $299.99 on Kohl’s

If you aren’t regular at Target or don’t have the Red Card, then we’ve another deal for you. Play Station 4 Slim 1 TB Console’s offers aren’t many but some of major deals include Kohl’s too. Yes moms, at Kohl’s you get this console at $299.99 along with Kohl’s cash of $60.

Well, the PS4’s price remains same but the cashback offered can be used to avail major discounts on the other sections, especially at the apparel section. So, not just a PS4 but with the savings you can upgrade your wardrobe as well. But don’t forget that this offer is available from August 17 to 23 of this year only. So hurry!

  • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console at $379.99 on Target

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console at $379.99 on Target

At Target, PS4 deals isn’t limited to just the Slim 1TB console, but there is an offer on the Play Station 4 Pro Console too. And if you already have Target’s Red Card, then it is an added advantage to you. Else, you need to get the Target’s Red Card to avail the offer on PS4 Pro 1 TB console.

All you need to do is use the Red Card at the checkout when you purchase the PS4 Pro console at Target. Using the Red Card, you can save an extra 5% discount on the price of the console, which means you’ll get a minimum of $20 OFF on its purchase. Even though the console is marked at a regular price of $379.99, yet with the Red Card you can always avail at least a minimum discount on the purchases – definitely a sure shot way to retain a few dollars!

So moms, if you haven’t subscribed for Target’s Red Card, then get it now to grab all the best deals on Play Station 4.

  • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console at $399.99 on Kohl’s


PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console at $399.99 on Kohl’s

Just like the deal on PS4 Slim Console, Kohl’s also has a great deal for the Play Station 4 Pro console. Yes moms, another scope to save some dollars. Well, the deal on this console is that you get approximately $80 Kohl’s cash on its purchase. Even though the PS4 Pro console is marked at its regular price $399.99, but on purchase you receive $80 as a cashback, which means savings.

But you need to utilize this Kohl’s cash within August 17 to 23 of this year. You can use it on Kohl’s wardrobe or home essential products. On the whole, even if you get Kohl’s cashback, you still save a couple of dollars through this deal. So moms, hurry now before the deal goes off!

  • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console (Refurbished) at $359.99 from GameStop


PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB console (Refurbished) at $359.99 from GameStop

Falling short by few dollars while buying a new PS4 console? Well, a new PlayStation can be a quite heavy on the wallet but at GameStop you can go for a refurbished PS4; and also get amazing deals on it. This  deal offers the Refurbished PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console at an approximate price of $359.99. This value includes a $40 discount, which makes it worth considering.

Besides, if you are concerned about the condition of the console, there’s nothing to worry moms.  GameStop ensures proper testing of the model before its put up for sale. So, whether you buy the original or refurbished models, these deals at GameStop assures at least minimum saving.

Best Deals on PlayStation 4 Bundles and Games

Moms, we know how crazy your kids are about video games, especially about a PlayStation. Whether you gift the console to your kid or they demand it from you, these deals will definitely ensure you take back at least a couple of dollars in your wallet.

The deals mentioned above are only on the PS4 Slim and Pro Console set, however, there are some impressive deals on PS4 games that we couldn’t miss out on. Just take a look at this list of deals on PlayStation 4 Bundles and Games.

  1. Resident Evil 3 at $53 from Best Buy

Resident Evil 3 at $53 from Best Buy

We know how amazing and interesting the PS4 games are, especially the game Resident Evil. A game re-made after 20 years of its original release, the Resident Evil 3 is undoubtedly the most desirable games for PS4, similar to its previous version Resident Evil 2. And getting a deal on such games is surely a great way to save even on the PS4 games.

While this game is originally priced at $59, it is available with $6 OFF at just $53 on Best Buy. So moms, along with your Play Station 4 deals, you can also consider this deal to save some more money on its games.

  • PlayStation 4 500GB (Blast from the Past Bundle) at $299.99 from GameStop

PlayStation 4 500GB (Blast from the Past Bundle) at $299.99 from GameStop

Typically, a PS4 bundle, including the console and games, will definitely cost you more than $500. However, at GameStop, the deals on PlayStation 4 are worth considering, as you not only get these offers on consoles but also PS4 bundles. And one such deal is the Play Station 4 500GB Slim Console bundled with four PS4 exclusive games available at just $300. The exclusive games include The Last of Us Remastered, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and God of War.

So, with some of best PS4 games and a slim console, this deal from GameStop is surely one of the best.

We hope with this article, you have some clarity on the best PlayStation 4 deals, especially on its consoles and bundles. However, we suggest you to go for deals on PS4 bundles, which include the console with the games and will cost you much less. This will help stack up your overall savings.

So mommies, with these deals now, you can get your kid the long delayed gift of PlayStation 4 and his favorite games as well. And enjoy gaming on PlayStation 4 together!