How to Save on Home Renovation at Lowe’s

Home renovation can be expensive. Whether it be upgrading the interior of your house or giving a touch of modernity to the backyard garden, the necessities required can cost a pretty penny. As moms you always feel like some things at home might need renovation. It might be a garden light that needs changing to keep up with the trend or painting a room to add a pop of color.

Just like furniture, household utilities can be expensive. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new homeowner or a seasoned one, home renovations and even minor upgrades can turn into expensive projects. You might run into a problem and will eventually end up buying more things than you calculated initially.

If you are looking to upgrade your home, there are chances that you will head to Lowe’s for home improvement supplies. Lowe’s is an American retail company specializing in home improvement. It has all the home improvement supplies that you could possibly want. Most of you of course must be aware of it!

However, since Lowe’s is a large store with numerous home improvement goods, you might fall into the trap of impulse buying. Since, home improvement supplies are expensive, you should be careful enough to stick to the budget.

Here are few ways to save on home renovation at Lowe’s:

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Check Lowe’s Website For Promotions

Before packing a wad of cash and going to Lowe’s, check its website for promotions. The company has a savings section that shares the latest deals. Browse through the weekly sales ad and save all the relevant promo codes and sales ads to your phones so you can avail discounts when you products. Also, when you are shopping at the store, look for yellow tags that indicate marked down prices.

Don’t forget to check other coupon websites which gives offers and discounts on Lowe’s products. Head to for coupons on Lowe’s.

Shop The Lowe’s Clearance Section

The clearance section is where you will find discounted items in various categories. Appliances, flooring, building supplies and more can be found at the clearance section.

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Take Advantage Of Free Delivery On Large Appliances

If you want to get a major appliance like TV or a fridge don’t forget that Lowe’s gives free delivery seven days a week on all major appliances totalling $396 or more. They not only deliver but will also fix the appliance for you and inspect it for defects or damage. The company professional will even give you a quick demo on how to use it. 

Utilise Lowe’s Free Shipping

Lowe’s offers free standard shipping on certain orders of $45 or more. All you have to do is opt for “standard shipping” from the Estimate Shipping Charges menu under the Cart Summary. Free shipping will be automatically applied to eligible items once you select this option.  

Take Advantage Of Lowe’s Free In-Store Pickup

Lowe’s offers a free in-store pickup service. This service is for those online shoppers who find it a hassle to visit the store and walk around tugging trolleys thorough the store. If you want to avoid shipping fees and delay in shipment you can choose to pick up the product yourself. 

This allows shoppers to shop online from the comfort of their own homes and skip shipping fees and delays. The company offers curbside pickup, which means you can have your items loaded directly into the trunk of your car.   

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Follow Lowe’s On Social Media

As a mom running the house, you know the difficulty of decorating the house and keeping the house in tandem with modern house designs. Repainting and repairing anything in the house whether it be furniture or plumbing, it’s neither easy nor cheap.  

Follow Lowe’s on social media to keep in track of sales and promotions. Doing this will keep you updated on sales, so if you need a quick replacing of a utility at home you know where to go. Also, sign up for Lowe’s mobile alerts and you can receive exclusive savings and promotions and information about special offers.

Price Match Between Different Retailers

Many of us shop online to avoid the trouble and time of going to a store and browsing the shelves. As moms you always price match between websites offering the desired product to get the best prices and offers. If you find another retailer selling the same product for less, Lowe’s will match that price. 

If you are comparing prices to an online retailer, you must keep in mind the cost of shipping and handling. Also note that, Lowe’s has a price protection policy. If there is a difference between Lowe’s in-store price and online price, you can pay the lesser of the two.

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Lowe’s Military Discount

Do you have an active military personnel or a retired veteran in your family? If so you can save 10% off eligible purchases every day. 

Purchase A Discounted Gift Card

There are scores of websites selling Lowe’s gift cards like Raise, CardCookie and Gift Card Granny.  These sites sell cards for slightly less than the card’s value, which means savings on buying the card as well as products.

Lowe’s Credit Card

Lowe’s gives two types of credit cards – Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card and Lowe’s Business Credit Card. When you sign up for Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card, you will be able to choose one from the following benefits: receive 5% off on eligible purchases every day, receive special 0% financing on purchases of $299 or more for a period of six months or make fixed monthly payments over a period of 84 months at 7.99% APR.

If you are opting for a Lowe’s Business Credit Card, you can choose from the following: a Business Account Card, a Business Rewards Card from American Express and an Accounts Receivable Card. All three cards provide 5% off on eligible orders and discounted delivery on Lowe’s purchases. Additionally, these credit cards come with their own respective perks.     

Ask For A Lower Price For Damaged Or Used Goods

If you are running short on money, it is clever to pick up damaged or returned goods. Lowe’s salespersons always help you negotiate prices of slightly damaged or worn goods. The store will often give you discount on things like paint that was returned from another customer or scraps of lumber left over from cutting a piece for another customer.  

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Check For Rebate Offers 

Visit Lowe’s online rebate center to see if a recent purchase or something you wish to buy comes with a rebate. The retail chain offers rebates of up to $2,500 when you purchase select items, most commonly large appliances like washing machines. If you purchase a rebate qualifying product, you will need to fill out a form and submit your rebate online. You can check the status of the application to see when your money will arrive.

Know When To Shop

Make your home improvement plans during shopping season. The most famous shopping season for household goods is the Black Friday sale. Make up a list of things that you would need for your home renovation and pick it up during Lowe’s Black Friday sale either online or in-store. 

Lowe’s also has a big sale in late March or early April called Spring Black Friday. Not only Lowe’s, every furniture and household goods dealer opens this sale to entice their customers to come for the Black Friday sale. Spring black Friday at Lowe’s sees substantial sales at largely discounted prices. 

Home renovation is neither an easy nor a budget friendly task. There are always extra expenses because of new ideas that crops up in your head while you are renovating. It might be adding a new dim light to your backyard or replacing lounge chairs by the pool. These improvements will cost you some big bucks. Therefore, it is becomes necessary to find a way to save on all the products that you buy and at the same time ensure that it doesn’t sacrifice on quality.

Make use of these tips next time you shop at Lowe’s to save on home renovation.