How to Save Money at Kohl’s and Bag the Best Stuff for Cheap

 Do you love shopping at Kohl’s? Well, you aren’t alone if you do. Most mommies prefer this retail giant for the arrays of products it offers, ranging from men’s, women’s, and kids’ apparel to bed, bath, and kitchen essentials. Basically, most things a family needs and keeps the folks back home happy is available at the store. However, what most of you Kohl’s visitors haven’t probably been able to figure is how to save money at the brand’s outlets and yet bag the best stuff.

After spending some time in budget-friendly shopping research, we consolidated a few tips that suggest how to save money at Kohl’s just for your regulars. A few of these would take you by surprise and make you wonder why you were shopping the wrong way all this while.

1. Get the Kohl’s Charge Card


If you have always hated the idea of owning and using credit cards, fearing the jaw-dropping bill you’d be receiving at the end of the month, it’s time to get over this block. If you happen to be a mommy who frequently visits Kohl’s to shop for yourself or the family, its better you own the brand’s exclusive charge card.

By merely signing up for a Kohl’s charge card, you get coupons that help you save even up to 30%, isn’t that cool enough? Card owners can get a rebate of around 30% once every month on their purchases. And that’s not all, Kohl’s also offers its customers free shipping coupons on a regular basis. What more can a mom ask for  from her favorite brand?  All you have to do is own a card.

2. Exploiting Yes2You Rewards


The Yes2You is a sigh of relief if you are fretting over spending a lot even before visiting the store. Isn’t it awesome to earn $5 on every $100 you spend? Well, you’ll realize how useful this scheme is if you are moving into a new home or a city and want to buy maybe a truckload from Kohl’s.

You also earn a point on every dollar spent at the store, which can be redeemed later. Even if you spend just $20 today and maybe $80 over the next two visits to Kohl’s, you’ll still be eligible for this $5 award, for every $100 purchase you have exceeded. The impact is psychological too since you might also feel not too much has been spent at the store, saving you from a panic attack.

Mommies juggling grocery and shopping needs on a tight budget, Yes2You could be a great option to prevent expenditure.

3. Kohl’s Exclusive Coupons


Even if you are shopping at Kohl’s virtually, from the comfort of your home, you can still make the most out of it. You can waive off as much as 20% on your entire purchase or get discounts such as 10% off on specific commodities such as bedding or expensive kitchen accessories. For each online purchase, Kohl’s allows customers to stack up to 4 coupons, and in addition, you can utilize reward codes and free shipping offers to make your shopping as pocket-friendly as possible.

4. Making the Most of Gold Star Clearance


Many of ardent Kohl’s shoppers anticipate this truly one-of-its-kind sale that the brand offers. The reason why this sale is as much rage as the ones on Black Friday is the incredible offers Kohl’s introduces during the period to lure customers. Can you imagine getting an 80% waiver on the best apparel, shoes, or crockery available at one of the brand’s outlets?

All you mommies looking to revamp your kitchen and wardrobes, the Gold Star Clearance is an incredible option to bank on.

5. Sign Up For Emails


This shouldn’t be too much of a task right? If you aren’t quite adept at fishing out coupons by visiting a hundred websites, this is the simplest way to get some of the best stuff Kohl’s has to offer for a reasonable price. All you need to do is sign up to receive Kohl’s emails and eventually coupons that help you save 15% will land up in your inbox. Some of these waivers may lead you to more coupons and take you by surprise. Fancy buying that red dress or a pair of jeans for your son, as a birthday gift? This is the simplest way to make sure you don’t spend too much and yet get what you deserve. A 15% discount at Kohl’s is just a smartphone click away, so make the most out of it.

6. Price Adjustment


Now, this is something you don’t see a lot of brands do often. What if you have decided to visit Kohls after dropping the kids at school and realized you’ve forgotten to carry or probably don’t have access to those coupons. There’s absolutely no reason why you should sulk or cringe, because the brand is more than willing to lower the prices of your purchases, by even up to 14%. Even if you claim to be getting a waiver of 20% on the coupon you didn’t carry, just enough proof that you own one should get you that discount.

We hope this compilation of tips for saving money at Kohl’s proved to be useful for each of you. There’s no one ideal way to get your purchases for real cheap. Apart from these suggestions of ours mentioned above you could also sign up with Kohl’s for exclusive text alerts notifying you of upcoming offers from the brand too.