10 Tips to Slash Your Chuck E. Cheese Expenditure

Chuck E. Cheese is a favorite destination for kids to have fun. While kids go on an arcade games rampage, as moms you are constantly worried about the cost of the games because a Chuck E. Cheese trip can get expensive. The idea of a pizza break while gaming endears the kids even more.  Even though you might get a panic attack when you hear kids say the name of their favorite entertainment centre, you end up taking them there because it guarantees genuine entertainment. 

To put an end to your Chuck E. Cheese troubles, we dug around and found some thrifty ways to save at Chuck E. Cheese.

Try “All You Can Play” 

When you get to Chuck E. Cheese get an AYCP Play Pass. This will cost you $10 and we guarantee you that the money is worth it. This pass lets you play [A1] as many games as you want during your time.

With the pass you can even pause your play time once per visit, so you can grab a break to have pizza with your kids. 

Choose Quarters Instead of Tokens 


The games are designed to accept either tokens or quarters. A token will cost you about .33 cents each or 3 tokens for $1. If you choose quarters instead of tokens, you get four rides or games for a buck instead of 3.  

Grab those Coupons 


There are numerous places where you can find Chuck E. Cheese coupons including the company’s own website. They also publish coupons on cereal and snack boxes and the Sunday paper. Get one of these before your trip to save a few dollars. 

Get a Gift Card


There are plenty of Chuck E. Cheese gift cards available online and even on their website. These gift cards can help you celebrate your child’s birthday especially if you have budget constraints. You can get discounted gift cards and save up almost up to 60% on your next visit. 

Stack Up Your Coupons and Gift Cards


Chuck E. Cheese deals and offers can be found online. Grab the best offers and combine your discounted gift cards and coupons for extra savings. Also, have a look at the printable coupons that are available on their website. 

Sign Up to Get Mail Alerts


Go to the Chuck E. Cheese [A2] website and get on their mailing list. You will get mail alerts on special offers, coupons and even freebies. 

Take the Customer Satisfaction Survey


When you plan to eat at Chuck E. Cheese, don’t forget to fill out the survey that is on your receipt. It just takes a few minutes to fill out the form and you can do this while your children are having fun at the arcade. When you fill out the survey you can redeem a code for free tickets or tokens.

Skip the Food and Opt For Drinks and Games


You know that food is the most expensive part of the trip. If you can avoid that you can slash a major part of your Chuck E. Cheese expenditure. Either combine your coupons for a meal deal or just skip the meal altogether. Make sure your children are full before you reach the place.

You could just get drinks and game tokens with the help of your gift cards and coupon promotions. Plus, the drinks at Chuck E. Cheese come with free refills, so sit back and relax while the kids have fun. Also, opt for smaller sized drinks so you can pay less and still enjoy unlimited refills.

However, if your child happens to go into a frenzy seeing other kids devour their pizzas, you can try the weekend buffet. The price differs according to location, but almost all have a lower price for kids. Plus, kids under three can eat for free. 

Sign Up for Chuck E. Cheese’s More Cheese Rewards Program


Join the More Cheese Rewards program to enjoy several perks if your kids frequent the arcade. Once you join the rewards program you will immediately get a free pizza! On your next visit, tell the staff that you would like to redeem your free pizza. 

Free pizza is not the only perk of the rewards program. Visit Chuck E. Cheese during your child’s birthday week. This will get you 20 minutes of free unlimited game play with a $10 purchase. You can also avail free tickets, tokens, reward certificates and birthday invitations with your membership. 



1. How much is a large pizza at Chuck E. Cheese? 

A personal pizza costs $8.99, medium costs $14.99, large is charged $18.99 and X-Large comes at a price of $21.99. 

2. How to get free Chuck E. Cheese tokens?

  • Chuck E. Cheese has Tokens for Grades Program wherein you can bring your child’s report card for 10 free tokens or points. 
  • If you book a Chuck E. Cheese’s birthday party you will receive free tokens or play points.
  • As mentioned above visit the company’s website [A3] and get printable rewards certificates to get 10 free tokens or points to use on games, pizza and other activities. 

3. How to get free tickets at Chuck E. Cheese?

There are three ways to get free tickets at Chuck E. Cheese:

  • Book a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party online and you will get free tickets and free tokens or play points.
  • More Cheese Rewards members can earn 100 free tickets every time you refer a friend to the Rewards program. You can earn referral rewards up to 20 times in a year. 

Browse the Kid’s Corner on company’s website for instructions to download their free game apps.  Kids can play these games and earn real tickets that can be utilized [A4] for their next trip to the arcade. 

  • You can also ask your kids to play the new online Chuck E. Cheese game and collect as many tickets as they can that pop up on their screen. You can then print your kids certificate and take it to the prize counter to redeem tickets for a prize. 

Don’t forget to grab coupons, deals and promo codes on your next visit to Chuck E. Cheese. The coupons are easily available on their website as well as other prominent websites like eBay. Combining coupons and offers received can help maximize your savings up to 60%.

Hope these tips help your kids have fun at lower prices!