How Does Coke Rewards Work Now and Simple Ways to Save Up Some Bucks with It

Parties, dinner nights or family get-togethers, your food and drinks are most often incomplete without Coca Cola. Over the years Coca Cola beverages has become the household name for many of you. With increasing customer base, Coca Cola also tried to provide different scopes to save and one such scheme was the Coke Reward program.

So, were you a part of Coke’s Rewards Program few years ago? And now wondering what happened; did Coca Cola launch any alternative program in place of the previous one? Moms, we know that Coke’s Rewards Program was a great opportunity to save by using the deals offered by them. But ever since this rewards program phased out, many of you have been wondering about how does Coke rewards work now, right moms?

So, let’s delve into this to find out more about the present Coke Reward Programs – whether it still exists and what are the ways to use it now.

About Coke’s Previous Rewards Program

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Coca Cola, the most loved beverage across the world since 1960s, has been an emotion for people. In the year 2006, Coca Cola launched My Coke Rewards, a customer loyalty program that rewarded people in different ways for consuming their drinks. On drinking Coca Cola, the packaging had hidden codes, which needed to be redeemed to get offers, sweepstakes entries, free drinks, and discounts. But often people threw away the packaging without redeeming the codes, which was a mistake. Redeeming the codes definitely was a saving in disguise!

However, by the year 2017, this rewards program started to fade out. Even the company announced a deadline to redeem the codes to get the remaining rewards. And by June 30th the program was taken down by Coca Cola. Customers who failed to redeem their codes, their points were donated to charity for a noble cause.

Thinking why Coke took down the rewards program? Well, the possible reason was that the company was ready with something new for its customers.

So moms, if you were a part of that program and now wondering about how to get offers and deals, then the New Rewards Program is right there for you.  Yes, Coca Cola has a new rewards program in which you’re allowed to use your existing account username and password for your new account. Now, as you buy any Coke products, you will see codes on the products through which you can earn several rewards and fun stuffs. And this is how the new reward program works. Moms, isn’t this great for you and your family, and also your wallet? Plus you can always have something planned out with your family.

How Does Coke Rewards Program Work Now: The New Rewards Program


Wondering what program replaced My Coke Rewards after it phased out and how will it work? Well, Coca Cola launched ‘Sip and Scan’ Program as a replacement of its initial ‘My Coke Rewards’. So moms, don’t stress anymore about rewards and offers on your purchases, as ‘Sip and Scan’ program has more perks and rewards.

That’s not all! With the Sip and Scan program, not only will you get rewards and perks but also have variety of experiences  in terms of offers provided. By experiences we mean, you can make a donation and visit local schools or charity centers through this reward program. Moms, we know that My Coke Rewards was a great way to save but the new one is even better. Sip and Scan is the simplest of all reward programs and you can get access to the rewards and perks via two ways.

  • First, through the ‘Sip & Scan’ app. Moms, download this app and scan the icon of “sip&scan” on the coke product. With just a click, you get access to perks, rewards and experiences worth remembering.
  • Second, visit the site Go to the site and click on ‘sip&scan’ option. Once you click on the ‘sip&scan’ option, the phone camera launches automatically through which you have to scan the icon  on the product to earn rewards. Isn’t it easy, moms?
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Thinking about what rewards will you get through this program? Well, rewards offered are varied, from cashbacks to discounts to perks and so on. So, don’t forget to keep a check on the official site of Coca Cola for recent offers.

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With rewards and perks, we’re sure you can retain quite some dollars and it will definitely add up to your monthly savings. However, there are times when you can totally afford to skip few rewards, as it wouldn’t hinder your budget. In case you decide to not use these rewards, you can donate then.

Yes moms, at Coca Cola with this ‘Sip and Scan’ program you can even donate your rewards for a noble cause to any local school or charity of your choice. After all, as a mommy, you would surely like to see underprivileged kids get at least the basic necessities. And that’s what Coca Cola also wants! So, join the Sip and Scan Program, earn rewards and also donate it for a better cause. A little donation from your end can give someone a better life! We hope with this article you got clarity on how Coke rewards work now. Not to mention, the different perks and offers you get. So moms, we suggest after you make a purchase of any Coca Cola product, do visit or the ‘sip&scan’ app to stack up your savings via rewards.