15 Popular Apps That Are Now Free (Games, Puzzles & More)

These apps are presently free and can change at any time..  Make sure they are free before you download them.. There’s some great educational games for kids too..
1. Level 24 (Addictive Puzzle Game)
2. Questlord (Action)
3. Speedtext (Write Text Using Your Finger)
4. Toca Life: Farm (Fun Interaction With Farm Animals)
5. PlayerXtreme (Video Player)
6. Scurvy Scallywags (Cute Pirate Game)
7. Glucose Buddy (For Diabetics)
8. Sleep Timer (Having Trouble Falling Asleep?)
9. Tap Cam (Camera Effects)
10. Worldcraft (3D sandbox blocks craft game)
11. Space Harrier 2 (Action Shooting Game)
12. iBasket (Street Basketball)
14. True Skate (Skateboarding Game)
15. Viking Tales (Sink Ships & More)