How to Save Money At Golden Corral in 4 Really Smart Ways

A mere mention of a meal at Golden Corral is enough trigger to conjure images and the aroma of the joint’s mouth-watering delicacies in one’s mind. Most mommies might agree that the restaurant is almost the perfect getaway to break the monotony of cooking each day. Visiting Golden Corral could be a great break from home-cooked meals for the kids and is a cool idea for a family outing too.

However, there are several smart ways to save money at the famous restaurant chain which you must definitely try, if you frequent its outlets or place orders online quite often. These money-saver tips could make mommies feel delighted, especially if managing monthly expenses on shoe-string budgets has been the norm.

 After an extensive study, we compiled a few tips that could prove to be really handy and help save considerably, especially if you generously pamper the entire family, friends, and relatives during those meal outings.

We hope this compilation of how to save money at Golden Corral immensely helped each of you.

Golden Corral Coupons

This is probably your best and easiest bet at saving a lot of money at Golden Corral. Exclusive coupons that can be availed at any of the restaurant’s joints are available aplenty across the internet and you could also probably discover a few at the Golden Corral website, on visiting it quite often.

Get your hands on some of these interesting deals and you’ll see yourself relishing buffet or the best delicacies Golden Corral has to offer at prices that aren’t too heavy on the pocket. An easy way to watch out for the latest coupons from Golden Corral is to keep your eyes on the new additions included in the ‘Promotions’ tab of the brand’s website. The next time you are driving to the popular restaurant along with friends or family for a sumptuous meal, remember to keep these always handy. A few interesting coupons introduced by Golden Corral in the past include Free Kids meal with an adult buffet, as well as Early Bird Senior Special discounts and others.

Senior Discounts

Most popular restaurant chains offer rebates to seniors and Golden Corral has its own way of making its elder customers feel special during their visit to the joint. One of the best ways to pamper your parents, if they happen to visit you during the weekend is treat them to a sumptuous meal at this joint. Exploiting the senior discount offer Golden Corral has to offer also ensures those lavish meals don’t prove to be too heavy on the pocket.

 Flashing one of these cards during your outings at one of the food giant’s restaurants can get you up to 50 cents off on regular menu prices.  The coolest part of the deal is that seniors can enjoy meals, or even drinks for that matter, between 11 am to 4 pm for merely $7.59. Now that we’ve unveiled this great surprise, don’t you feel like making the most of it? If you are thinking of ways to ensure your parents or grandparents enjoy their wedding anniversary this year, this could be one of them. Probably you should make sure they don’t while away a lot of time at home and You could probably visit Golden Corral’s website or get in touch with one of the joint’s support executives to know more about the latest deals the restaurant has in store for your parents, uncles, and aunts.

Gift Cards

You can find them quite easily on the Golden Corral website and if you are pondering over what could make a great present for your young one, or probably a friend, this is an option you could probably consider.

Foodie or not, your friend, husband, or child would definitely love the perks this gift card can bring along. What could be more endearing than enjoying a lip-smacking meal at one of America’s most loved joints at a throwaway price.Not a bad idea to stack one in your wallet along with credit cards and keep it handy. For all you know, you might feel like driving down to one of the restaurant’s joints one day and pampering yourself with a sumptuous meal.

Good as Gold Club

Quite true to its name, signing up with Golden Corral can help you unlock several surprises that are as good as gold.  Apart from exciting deals that could prove to be great money savers during those birthdays and anniversaries, Golden Corral introduces Gold Club members to several other cool announcements that could brighten up the faces of their esteemed customers.

On merely joining, Golden Corral throws a welcome surprise, and introduces special gifts for subscribers of the Gold Club on their birthdays. In addition, signing up helps you learn the latest Golden Corral news and announcements of new and seasonal menu items. Here are a couple of common questions arising in the minds of many who are eager to try Golden Corral and even some of the restaurant’s patrons.

How much is a meal at Golden Corral?

Of course, the restaurant chain offers several discounts and waivers but what’s the average price of a meal at the joint is a question plaguing several customers who haven’t visited the joint and considering the option.

While the lunch buffet, served Monday through Saturday, costs roughly $8.69, dinner is priced at $11.99 and is available throughout the week. You must remember that the lunch and buffet dinner deals do not include drinks. Ordering drinks exclusively could cost you around $2.19.

Well, these prices might fluctuate slightly over time, but we hope this answer gave you a vague idea about how much you could end up spending.

Visit Golden Corral online or one of its joints to get the latest updates about meal prices.

Where can I buy Golden Corral gift cards?

These highly beneficial cards are easily available on Golden Corral’s website as well as across the restaurant chain’s various outlets.

Getting access to this facility isn’t too difficult. However, watch out for the Golden Corral gift cards being sold across reseller sites.  The restaurant has also issued a warning against procuring these from unauthorized sources, since most such coupons are usually fake and scams of sorts.

If you do face issues procuring them online or they weren’t available at the joint you recently visited, you could get in touch with executives from Golden Corral over telephone for assistance.

We hope this compilation of how to save money at Golden Corral proved to be useful for each of you reading this piece. These could be really useful if you are a foodie who loves frequenting the restaurant or getting meals delivered at your doorstep quite often.

For the next few months, try these tips each time your order or visit Golden Corral and you are sure to save a significant amount in those bills.