All About Steam Coupons and How to Use Them

Moms know how growing children and teenagers love video games. Whether it’s an action packed adventure game or a spy game to solve mysteries, video games have the power to lure the attention of kids. So if you’re planning to gift your young one their favorite game, you can choose to buy it on Steam.

Steam is a video game digital distribution service where users can store a large collection of games due to its cloud based gaming library. To get these games at the best price possible, you can avail Steam coupons.

What is a Steam coupon? 

Description: I received a steam coupon (I Am Bread -50%) without crafting a badge

Steam coupons are discounts that can be used on games available in the Steam store.

Most coupons are earned by making card drop badges through selected games or by voting in Summer / Winter Steam sales.

Others can be immediately added to the Steam inventory by further worldwide promotions.

In reality, although many promotions attract new customers, they are also available long after the game is released. Most people who are curious about coupons simply want to try a new game or play something they wouldn’t consider in normal retail.

How to use Steam coupons?

Method 1

  • Choose any of the coupons in your Steam Inventory. Most of the time, coupons apply to a single game, but some may apply to any title in a series or to a specific developer.
  • Click the “Show Available Games” button under the coupon to see which players will benefit from the discount.
  • When you buy the appropriate item, the coupon will be immediately added to the checkout.
  • The coupon is applicable even if the selected game is already on sale, unless the terms specify otherwise.

Method 2

  • From the game store tab, press “Add to Cart.” The voucher is for the base game (no DLC) unless otherwise specified.
  • You ‘re going to be taken to the cart section.
  • By default, Steam applies discounts or you can choose which percent discount coupon to use, if applicable.
  • The higher discount is the norm if you have two separate coupons for the same card. But, if a game happens to be on sale, no discounts will apply.
  • Proceed with your order or start shopping. Any leftover funds-not covered by the coupon and/or the balance of your Steam Wallet will be removed from your backup payment plan.
  • Be sure to choose “gift” if you’re buying a game for someone else.

How to add Steam coupons?

When you add a valid item to your cart, Steam will apply any of your applicable coupons automatically. Prior to clicking “purchase,” you can choose to save your coupon for later by clicking the “Change/Remove coupon” link for that coupon in your cart.

Can Steam coupons be traded?

Description: How to trade on Steam with anyone on your Friends list - Business ...
  • Step 1- Right-click the user’s icon from the “View Friends List” in the bottom right corner. Before or after you chat with them, you can send them a trade offer. The business interface also has a chat channel.
  • Step 2- Again, you can use the drop-down menu to filter the coupons you have. Drag the coupon(s) that you want to exchange to the empty boxes on your right. You can trade coupons for nothing in return, and so can your partner. Trade will be labelled as suspicious for your protection. You may choose to proceed if you agree that you don’t want anything in return
  • Step 3– Make sure both parties check the “ready” box and the “Make Trade” box.

Another way to trade coupons is as follows:

  • Step 1- Go to your inventory and select “Trade Offers”. Occasionally, this is a less invasive way to give your friends coupons, especially if they have a bad internet connection. 
  • Step 2- Select “new offer” and select a partner, pick the things you want to give them and choose what you want in return, if suitable.
  •  Step 3- Your partner will get a message and ideally respond when they’re no longer busy or playing a game.


How many coupons can you use on an item?

You can use one coupon per item.

Can coupons be used on already discounted items?

Coupons are valid on discounted items unless specified otherwise.

What happens to coupons when they expire?

Expired coupons will be automatically removed from your inventory.

We hope our guide to using Steam coupons was helpful for you. So login to this ultimate gaming platform and become your child’s teammate in his virtual gaming adventure.